SEO consulting

Many people have encountered the term SEO before. But what is SEO? Why do I need SEO? Can I optimize my pages without external help?

General definition

SEO is the abbreviation of the term „Search Engine Optimization“ and includes all measures that serve to increase the visibility of websites in search engines such as Google.

What is SEO good for?

SEO is about achieving the highest possible organic ranking in search engines without having to pay for it. Thus, SEO is also part of search engine marketing (SEM). The aim is to attract as many users as possible to your website via the search engines.

Why should my site be SEO-optimized?

The better a website ranks under a certain search term, the better is its visibility. Improved visibility usually increases the click-through rate and thus also the number of visitors to the respective page. This is extremely important for the expansion of the community or the number of potential customers.

What do I need to consider with SEO?

Basically, six points are what matters:

  1. Keyword analysis (Which keywords are important? How can I use them for myself?)
  2. Increased visibility (measure success, evaluate them and, if necessary, further optimize)
  3. Position (doesn’t have anything to do with visibility directly; have I done everything to improve the ranking?)
  4. Click rate (additional indicator for successful search engine optimization; have I done everything to increase the click rate?)
  5. Visitor behaviour (have my visitors given the right signals? Are they jumping off too fast? Is my site technically optimized so that the user experience is ideal?
  6. Goal achievement (could I achieve my goals by means of previously defined actions? Were they set too high? Is there anything else I can do?)