Social media monitoring

With the help of professional social media monitoring tools, we continuously monitor the activities for you and evaluate this data. Will the defined KPIs be reached? How can the results be improved? On the foundation of this evaluation, we provide you with regular reports, make adjustments and thus ensure that your brand is positioned in the social networks in the best possible way.

What is the benefit of Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring is more than just listing clippings. Rather, it is a matter of checking and analyzing all aspects of social media communication. It’s about answering questions that are relevant to your company.

How does the community react to certain content? Are they satisfied or do they want to have any other kind of information? Is my fan growth large enough or is there a need for improvement? Are my competitors doing something a little better or fundamentally different than me? What else do I have to do to achieve my previously defined goals?

With the help of social media monitoring we give you the answers to the most important questions – whenever and as often as you like. Whether every few hours, once a day or as an overall report at the end of the month: We prepare the results for you in the best possible way and provide you with a direct recommendation for action.

For whom is Social Media Monitoring suitable?

Even though the answer to this question is basically for every company or every brand that has a public profile or wants to communicate via the social media, the individual case must always be considered. There may not be any channels of your own yet, but you still want to know what is written about your company in social media or what the general echo sounds like. Together with you, we will find out which kind of social media monitoring suits you best and develop a concept that is tailored to your needs.

Benefit from our many years of expertise in social media monitoring and receive the information you need about your channels from us! Get in touch!