Online PR

Advantages of online PR

Traditional media have lost the monopoly on information. Today, everyone can be a sender and recipient – at the same time and at all times. Thus, their communication is reciprocal. In addition, online plays a decisive role in communication. Short information paths, flat hierarchies, real opinions and permanent availability are the characteristics that make up the internet. In order to optimize the use of these for your goals in online PR and to ensure that nothing goes wrong, we identify the topics that really interest your target group, address the right people on the most relevant channels – in this way we create dialogues!

Why online PR?

But why is online PR so important? This is mainly due to the interest of communicators to have a good online reputation at all times. Nothing is worse than a collection of bad search entries in relevant search engines. This is exactly what the various disciplines of online PR are designed to prevent. The areas are varied and often fundamentally different.

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