Finding the right influencer for your company

How do I find the right influencer for my company? Most communicators have already dealt with this question. However, it is not always easy to find the right cooperation partner. Especially if your own communication goals cannot be combined with influencer relations at first glance. For this reason, this guide is intended to help you gain an initial overview of whether influencer relations can generate added value for you:

  1. Define the target. Consider what exactly you want to achieve with an influencer cooperation. How do you determine the success of the cooperation? What is the time frame for implementation and how long should it take?
  2. Does the influencer match my content? Not every influencer is suitable for you. However, you may not be suitable for the influencer either. Does your content really match the content of the multiplier or, in the worst-case scenario, do you perhaps miss the target group because there are deviations that were not obvious at first glance?
  3. Is a simple briefing enough? In an ideal world, you only need to brief an influencer once, because it is clear from the beginning what both parties want and how the campaign is to be implemented. But what do you do in case of further inquiries or if closer cooperation is necessary? A professional agency partner who acts as a link between the influencer and the company and ensures that everything runs smoothly is usually helpful.
  4. Can I be persuasive? It would be fatal to believe that influencers only follow the call of money. Rather, it is about prestige and the opportunity to become even more successful through cooperation. Influencers therefore have just as much to lose or win as you do. For this reason, a strategy is needed to be able to realize the desired cooperation. Nothing is worse than losing the desired influencer just because the partly hidden rules of the game were not considered.

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