This is what makes us stand out in the field of social media

Why do you need social media?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn – today almost everyone uses social media regularly. User behavior and user numbers make it impossible to ignore social media as an important part of the media landscape. The deliberate handling of social media creates significant added value for companies. A company’s presence on social networks not only opens up opportunities for increased awareness, brand and image building, also direct contact with customers and interested parties are some of the major advantages of SoMe (short for social media).

Good planning is everything

A Facebook post is quickly created – but which content really interests my target group? And is Facebook even the right channel for my target group? The first step in any good social media campaign is the capturing of the status quo.
As an agency for social media, we understand the entire process: Analyzing which channels your target group is on and which topics they address, developing an individual social media strategy for your company, formulating the goals together with you and taking over the creative implementation of the developed measures.

Who takes care of the social media channel?

An important part of a successful social media strategy is not only well-considered editorial planning, community management is also a task that requires a great deal of tact and experience. As a community manager, we act as a link between you and your fans. We listen to the community, answer users‘ questions and handle critical requests with the necessary caution. We develop measures to activate the fans and have the know-how to ensure the continuous growth of the community through targeted advertising.

How do I know it’s worth the effort?

A successful social media channel not only requires continuous maintenance and planning, but also a regular check of the channel through professional monitoring is essential. We ensure that the previously defined goals can be achieved and constantly optimize our measures. We keep you up to date with regular, understandable reports.

Why do you need an agency for social media?

SMART PR is a team of creative, digital natives and professionals for all online matters. We speak Twitter, know what the perfect instafeed looks like and what the current trend on Facebook is. We have recognised how the target groups of the individual channels tick and what is well received there. We are not only experts in strategic planning and analysis, but also in creative implementation.
You need the support of an agency for social media? Talk to us about it.