This is what makes us stand out in online PR

What is online PR?

Nowadays, thanks to social media, we are far from the classic, rather one-sided communication in which the media had a monopoly on information and its distribution. Everyone is spreading and consuming news on all kinds of channels. Whether this is on Facebook, an online medium or WhatsApp – we are surrounded by news everywhere. But how do we reach the relevant target groups within this flood of information? We are able to filter out what really is of interest, we analyse and implement trends and thus we create a dialogue with the important target group.

Why is online PR important?

Today, almost every consumer or decision-maker in the company researches online when it comes to making decisions about a particular product or searching for suitable service providers. For this reason, online visibility and reputation are essential for a company’s success today. The experts at an agency for online PR will develop the right strategy for you to strengthen your company’s online reputation and increase the visibility of your company on the internet – by carefully designed storytelling with the right content on the channels relevant to your target group.

What possibilities are there in online PR?

In online PR there are many different areas and manifold possibilities to reach the targets and target groups. From press releases for online media to storytelling on social media, from strategy development to search engine optimization, from monitoring of activities to influencer relations. As an agency for online PR, we create all this under one roof.

Why do you need an agency for online PR?

SMART PR is a PR agency with creative thinkers in the fields of online communication. We believe that quality determines the value of a statement – not volume. We create content that inspires and reaches the target groups. We convince instead of persuading. Efficient action and getting your message to the point is our concern.