Influencer relations

More and more people are putting their personal stories on the social web, blogs and online magazines. With posts, photos and videos they achieve a far greater reach than some conventional media. And these are no longer just bloggers, but also very successful YouTubers or Instagramers. The most important influencers enjoy an extremely high level of attention and authenticity in their community and thus influence their opinions.

Influencer relations are becoming increasingly important

Influencer relations have evolved over the years. And not only this. The balance of power between traditional media and influencers is also constantly shaking. While it wasn’t long ago that it was enough to feed a well-researched media distributor with an important company news item, this alone is no longer enough. Influencers gather huge fan communities and reach your target group on different channels.

Influencer cooperations give you the opportunity to reach your target group in new ways and to communicate your message in a targeted manner at any time. What makes us so sure?

We can do influencer relations because we are bloggers ourselves and live social media. That’s why we understand what bloggers, YouTubers or Instagramers expect from a company and what companies can expect from them. We bring your product, your company, your brand together with the right multipliers and deliver creative concepts.

Benefit from our knowledge and our network. We will find the influencers that are right for your company and your communication.