Social media

In contrast to traditional media, social media communication is primarily concerned with the interaction with the recipient of the content. On the one hand, this brings great advantages, but it can also – under certain circumstances – become a problem. In order to make optimal use of the available social media channels, a number of considerations are needed. Here are a few points that play an important role in the use of social media channels in online communication:

  1. On which channels do I want to distribute my content?
  2. Which channel suits me best?
  3. Do I want to use the channel only as a publishing platform or do I also offer users the opportunity to interact directly with me?
  4. Should the channel be permanently maintained, or is limited care sufficient?
  5. Do I have an appropriate concept at my fingertips in times of crisis?

The use of social media in online communication offers a lot of possibilities. But especially the supposedly fast and easy communication requires at least as much attention as the communication on other channels. For this reason, it is important to know what has to be considered when using social media, how brands and companies use social media correctly and why social media monitoring and community management are two important aspects of communication through social networks.