Tips for the right online PR

Achieving good results in a short time with relatively little (financial) effort and climbing to the top of search engine rankings? This sounds tempting, but only in very few cases does it reflect reality. Anyone who has already dealt with the topic of online PR will quickly notice that there are countless hits for this search term. Sometimes online PR is understood as digital press work, sometimes as part of a marketing strategy. All results have one thing in common: they are all right – in their own way.

How to use online PR correctly

At this point, it would not only be presumptuous but also completely impossible to point out the right way. Because: there is no universal solution. Every company has different ideas, values or priorities on which they focus their online communication. Rather, the question of what is actually desired must be clarified first. Is it only a matter of increasing your own online reputation or of finding, building and maintaining the communication channels that are important to you?

As online experts, we see our task and strength in answering these questions.

Which online PR is right for me?

In order to find the right online PR strategy for your company, it is necessary to clarify first which communication goals should be pursued? Do you want to gain credibility and visibility, ensure regular media placements or create appropriate content for your customers? If you want to promote interaction with the community, professional community management is a possible way. In order to create the right online PR, it is therefore important to be aware of your own goals.

Of course, we do not want to withhold our experience and knowledge from you. In our workshops you will learn to answer communication questions on your own and you will receive new impulses as well as additional know-how. Also, numerous whitepapers on interesting topics related to online PR are available for you to download.