Why influencer cooperations are important

Nowadays, classic media can hardly be recognized as such. This is not because they have changed their business model or are no longer producing interesting content. This is rather due to the fact that the media groups and publishing houses have received more competition. Nearly every individual is now able to progress from receiver to transmitter within a few moments. Producing, sending and sharing content is no longer a question of possibility, but rather of data volume in most cases. What exactly does this have to do with influencer cooperations?

Reach is the new currency

Many up-and-coming and established influencers are well aware of this. As the number of fans and followers increases, not only their own reach increases, but also the interest of companies and potential cooperation partners . Influencers and companies subsequently enter into a business relationship that is profitable for both sides.

Through influencer cooperations, the company gains access to the influencer’s communities and can disseminate their brand messages to specific target groups. This is where we come in: With our many years of experience in influencer relations, we address the multipliers that are important for you and help you to spread your brand messages in a targeted manner.

Creating trust through identification

Another argument for influencer cooperations is the increased trust of the community in the multipliers and therefore in your products. How will that work? The best campaign is useless if the trust of potential customers or buyers is not there. The existing communities follow their influencers because they trust them and because they are interested in the latest status updates, videos or posts of them. If a multiplier takes over the product communication, the fans will usually react less reluctantly.

Due to their influence, influencers‘ assessments and evaluations of products, services, brands and companies are an important factor for success. With the help of influencers, it is possible to initiate viral effects via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Co. that significantly contribute to the opinion-forming and buying decisions of the target groups. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important to maintain a good relationship with the right multipliers in addition to the classic journalists. We have been working with influencers in the fields of lifestyle, entertainment, cinema, music & food for a long time – and we love it!

We would be pleased to present our successful examples of influencer cooperations to you in a personal meeting. Get in touch!