Our task:

Maxion Wheels is a leading manufacturer for wheels of cars, vans, trucks and trailers. The company also produces wheels for agricultural and military vehicles as well as other off-road equipment.

The IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 in Hanover was used as a good opportunity to enhance the social media profile of Maxion Wheels on Facebook (Maxion Wheels Official) with interesting content for specific target groups and to keep up the excitement for the entire duration of the exhibition.

Strategy: SMART Content

From the announcement of the event to the review, SMART PR’s team focused on SMART Content in combination with storytelling. We opted for this strategy because we know the importance of content. On social media it proves to be the best chance for a positioning in communication. It should alsways be individual, modern and special – and with a special twist.

For Maxion Wheels we therefore produced good pictures of the products and the event, we presented the people behind the brand and told strong stories in moving pictures.

Hard facts:

With a one-day assignment at the exhibition, the team was able to collect different pictures, videos and statements, with which

  • more than 150,000 people could be reached and
  • the fanbase of Maxion could be doubled on the Facebook profile.