Our task:

Presenting a commercial vehicle to the broad mass of users as entertaining as possible – this was the challenge that had to be mastered with #crafter2craftsmen. Not easy when you consider that the vehicle model has a very defined target group and will not score points with the conventional advantages of a car such as appearance or aesthetics – but with rational aspects: reliability, durability and endurance. Just what is important for the main target group: craftsmen. With this focus, the communication and marketing campaigns („We listened to the craftsmen“) went hand in hand – an important success factor for the client.


How could this be achieved with such a fast-moving content environment as Facebook, Twitter and Co.? The solution: During the #crafter2craftsmen campaign, the new Crafter was presented and a story was told about the car (storytelling). For this purpose, the new model was used to plan a trip across Europe, visiting and portraying craftsmen all over the continent, and traveling to places from the North Cape to Italy. In order to document the reliability and economy of the Crafter, the 50,000 kilometres (more than one circumference of earth) were covered without any repair, service or maintenance work.

Hard facts: 

The Crafter travelled:

  • to 30 craftsmen
  • almost 50.000 km
  • through 31 countries

During this time our live-reporter accompanied the tour, documented it and shared it on the social media channels. This way we created:

  • 35 videos
  • 500 single posts
  • almost 36.000 Facebook fans
  • and a reach of 900.000 individuals