Our task:

Sparwelt.de is an independent referral and guidance portal, which advises consumers with their purchase both online and locally and shows, how to save cleverly. In order to make this service more known to all target groups, the online visibility had to be increased. Also the ranking on Google had to be improved in order to increase the portal’s ability to be found quickly on various topics and in almost all target groups.

Strategy: inbound PR

Due to this clear task definition, we decided on inbound PR, which we implemented with the help of SMART content. We are aware of the increasing importance of individual, modern and special content, always with a special twist, because it represents the most important opportunity for positioning in digital communication. If this combination of text and image is paired with the right keywords, this content is picked up by well-known media, provided with a link and thus leads to a better position of the page in the search results.

For Sparwelt.de we therefore relied on a mix of SEO-optimized texts, improved with suitable infographics based on survey results.


Hard facts:

  • 9 campaigns in 5 months
  • 40 placements with links
  • 54 mio. visits
  • 16 mio. Unique Users