Our task:

The largest voucher portal in Germany Gutscheinsammler.de offers access to thousands of voucher codes, discounts and free articles. Therefore especially online visibility, the Google ranking and a fast findability of the portal to various topics in nearly all target groups is essential for the portal.

Implementation: Inbound PR

According to this task description, we decided for inbound PR, which we implemented with different forms of SMART Content. If the combination of text and images, paired with the right keywords is successful, the created content is picked up by popular media, provided with a link and thererfore leads to a better ranking for the portal in the search engine results.

For Gutscheinsammler.de we therefore trusted in a mix of infographics, based on survey results, and SEO optimized texts.

Hard facts:

  • 217 mio. unique visits
  • presence in 122 media
  • 30 no-follow-links
  • 68 follow-links
  • 160 placements