Our task:

 Mobileye is a leading global manufacturer for accident prevention and autonomous driving technologies. As a supplier of retrofit solutions in Europe, the company is extremely ambitious and wants to convince as many fleet managers as possible of the need to convert and upgrade their fleets. The personal contact and the experience of the solution in action provides extreme support for sales and PR in their daily work. That is why the team of SMART PR has developed and implemented its own event format, in which fleet managers from all sectors, as well as decision-makers from companies and politics, can be addressed and informed.


  • Development of the „Fleet Vision“ brand
  • Organisation and support of the event incl. invitation process, a digital platform for registration, speaker research and media relations.
  • Lectures, panel discussion and test drives

Hard facts:

  • Nearly 60 guests at the kick-off event at the Bentley Cube in Düsseldorf and reports in all fleet media
  • International adaptation of the Mobileye event