Our task:

Considering the increasing importance of social media, target-oriented brand communication for automotive companies is becoming much more demanding. Changing user and consumer behaviour requires more emotionalisation, storytelling and dialogue in order to set oneself apart from the competition. With the online magazine extratouch, a new component in the mix of communication media has been developed, that manages to convey the modern and changed brand image of ŠKODA and offers a digital experience that:

  • keeps alive the brand promise „simply clever, dialogically and interactively“
  • emotionalizes the brand
  • addresses new target groups
  • guarantees a positive impact on the visibility of the ŠKODA brand


SMART PR was commissioned to design and edit emotional multimedia stories around the brand. Lifestyle, events & tradition provide a long-term increase in online buzz. Unobtrusive reader loyalty & their expectations of the brand promise.

The agency has been responsible for orchestrating the right mix of content, hosting prominent guest authors (e. g. Wladimir Kaminer), continuously filling a social reader and following the SEO strategy for all texts in the online magazine since 2015.

By the way, the ŠKODA online magazine extratouch celebrated its first anniversary in December 2016.