Our task:

apoBank is the leading bank in the health care sectore and offers a free custody accounted check as one of their services. For this, apoBank asked the SMART PR team to accompany an integrated online and offline advertising campaign on the subject of custody account check in such a way that the online searchability of the topic under SEO aspects in connection with apoBank was ensured and sustainably consolidated.


The apoBank created its own subpage for the topic (DepotCheck). For this SMART PR used a coordinated wheel of measures, that combined the on-page-optimization (ideal SEO-preparation of the website’s contents) and the off-page-optimization (setup of a link structure and creation of synergies between SEO and online PR).

Furthermore, the team of SMART PR started an online PR campaign, that achieved a good off-page optimization ranking of the subpage by using editorial services and placing individual graphics

Hard facts:

  • 2nd place in Google Ranking
  • Successful SEO campaign for the keyword „DepotCheck“:
  • No ranking at the start of the campaign, meanwhile stable at position 2 in the native search results. No search queries lost and all interested parties reached.