My Perfect Kitchen – Inbound PR

The Cosentino Group, with its brands Silestone and Dekton, is a multinational company from Spain that produces and distributes innovative surfaces for architecture and design.
Almost 100 percent of the products for kitchen design (work tops, floor and wall covers) are sold in Germany indirectly through dealers such as interior decorators or kitchen studios.
This is also where potential customers are approached. However, in most cases, consumers buy a complete kitchen instead of individual countertops or wall coverings, which is why the name Cosentino and respectively Silestone or Dekton are not known by many.

So how can you reach consumers and anchor Cosentino with its Silestone and Dekton brands in the relevant set of end customers in Germany?
This is achieved by addressing potential end customers directly via the appropriate channels in the right way. The aim is to pick up the end customer within the customer journey and establish long-term loyalty. A customer relationship is achieved by presenting not only products, but also a lifestyle.

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